30 Mar

Are you taking solutions to your problems for granted?  Do you have the ability to see a path forward, a way to maximize your concept and make it reality? My experience shows that not everyone sees the big picture, the overall objective that the visionary leader has in mind. Often it requires someone with an independent perspective to step into the picture to provide objective guidance and insight into roadblocks. Achieve value with the following insight.

My dad, a tradesman, furnace repairman during the winter and a journeyman electrician during the summer set an example by which I will forever be grateful. He exemplified this by some of the following attributes.


Anything is possible so long as you try and do your best. Step back and view the opportunity in light of the goal.

Leverage the skills you have:

What you don’t know, learn, try, fail and try again, refining your lessons along the way. This is called experience.

Formal education is only a piece of learning. More often it is applied experience that utilizes information learned to maximize results. 

Problem solving: 

What you don't know, ask someone that does. If you are not an architect, ask someone who is and can guide you.

Identify the obstacles and roadblocks. Likely it will be people's preconceived mindsets that are the biggest obstacles to overcome and which will present resistance to change. 


God has supplied many resources around you.  People, finance, materials, etc. See beyond limitations and recognize the potential that experience resources bring to fast-tracking your objectives.

God given assets:

Biblical Truth:

Foundational truth is required to direct your moral compass.  Without it we flounder, unable to discern knowledge from wisdom.  Seek counsel from someone who has this foundation, Bible based guidance for an optimized perspective.

Brains: Not Artificial Intelligence

Gifted with the ability to think, we are capable of thinking outside the box. Do not assume that everyone has this ability. The obstacles in front of us can be overwhelming and distort our thinking.

Ask for help and perspective! 

Our mindset constraints can limit some's ability to see the potential of a tennis ball canisters being transformed into  potato launcher or a ventilator.


The dexterity and flexibility of your hands gives you the ability to shape a clay pot, build a brick wall or write a letter asking for assistance or help.


The ability to move, to walk around and the flexibility to respond has the benefit of learning and listening


Innovate. Creating a soccer field out of a rice paddy that floods requires thinking outside the box. How do you transform the paddy from a soggy, wet land mass to dry out and remain above the rising tides and wet season.. with only manual labor and no material?  Another successful story to tell in a later post. 

Emotional Quotient:

Empathize and understand that people are always dealing with some hardship or difficulty in their lives.  Be available and a resource of encouragement and affirmation of availability to help them move through the challenges of life.  Gif of yourself, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Manifest patience in working through issues with people. If you are patient and listen for the why, you will have better understanding on dealing with the "how".  Solutions will be forthcoming.


If you remain aware of your surroundings, those powers of observations will increase in your daily life, your business decisions and your relationships. 

Build upon awareness.

Practice these simple steps to improve your situation. If you are overwhelmed, get help from someone that you trust. I have built trust with my clients using these same simple insights.

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