27 Mar

Mindset. So, where, not how, are you in leading your team through crisis?  No matter the type, time or environment, crisis happens periodically in each of our lives. It could be a flood, a fire, an earthquake, a tornado, tsunami, blizzard, a war, a severe illness, death, divorce, financial or loss of job, just to name a few. We each must adapt to changes in our lives.

So what do we do?  We choose. Upon dealing with the initial shock and recognition of our loss of control, we can either shrink back within ourselves out of fear, or we can expand and innovate to overcome each challenge. 

But we cannot do this alone. We need each other and more importantly, we need to recognize the one and only true God. For without faith in a sovereign God, we would be overwhelmed and overcome by circumstances.

Contraction, pulling inward leads to fear, loss of hope and negative contagious responses much like the COVID-19 virus, hard to control.

What a blessing that God has made each of us uniquely to be resilient and to face these giants, to be overcomers. However, it is up to you and I and our mindset. 

Do you know the depth of your tools available to you?  Refocus by starting with a self-assessment.

  1. Spiritual - What is your belief system?  Mine is in a Holy God, supplying confidence and reassurance to overcome fear.
  2. Physical - Movement and exercise breathe life and blood flow to the mind, providing clarity.
  3. Mental - Clarity opens us up to new ways to adapt and overcome, allowing for free form concepts, creativity, and innovation.
  4. Relationship - Validate those relationships close to you so that your mind is free to think and not be distracted by conflict.

Expand your mindset and develop a freedom of thinking and the ability to focus on those necessary next steps to address your crisis.

Your team is watching you for leadership, for example, for resilience.

Expand your mindset.

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